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Let me start by asking: Are you feeling inspired to make some changes around the house and don’t know where to start? Do you drool over HGTV, but don’t have the budget to hire an interior designer? If the answer is yes, keep reading. Chris & I have learned a few things about staging a house for maximum salability during our career in Real Estate. We’ve helped sell over 1000 properties and toured at least 10 times that many, so we’ve seen just about everything. Whether you’re preparing your home for sale or have no plans to move, we would like to share a few hacks to help you stage your home for yourself.


  1. Pick an inspiration piece:

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin, so keep it simple. Choose one thing you own that you love. It can be a painting, rug, vase, or even a placemat. Use it to help you choose a color scheme. Paint walls a neutral color – warm grays are still popular, as are neutral blues and whites – and pick 2 to 3 colors from your inspiration piece to carry into your accessories and accent pieces – pillows, prints, throws…


  1. Shop your home:

Look at your furniture, lamps, tables, art, etc., with a fresh perspective; or do what I did at first: invite a friend who you know is gifted with an eye for design to come over and help you “see” your things in a new way (and possibly lend some muscle for moving heavy stuff). Just because you bought the rug to go with the couch to go with the painting on the wall doesn’t mean you have to keep them together forever.


  1. Minimalize:

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times and it’s true – Less IS more, especially today. Too much clutter takes away from the peace you should feel when you walk through your door. Edit. Subtract. Donate. Toss. You don’t have to keep the tchotchkes, no matter who gave them to you. I grant you permission to give (or throw) away whatever you don’t absolutely LOVE. Banish the dried flower arrangements forever! Get rid of throw rugs. They visually chop up the space and can be tripping hazards.


  1. Show off your home in its best light:

At the very least, make sure all light bulbs are working, are the appropriate lumens (wattage is the old word), and match in tone. Today, the LED bulbs are more efficient, longer lasting, and often most suitable for home lighting. The new models look very similar to traditional bulbs. The slightly higher up-front cost of these bulbs is mitigated by their very long life. New LED light fixtures are relatively inexpensive, easy (for some people) to install, and alleviate the need to change burned-out bulbs.


  1. Get more free advice:

A no-cost way to get your home looking good, for you or the next buyer, is to get your Realtor® involved (shameless plug). Here is a link to Realtor Magazine’s “50 Cheap, Easy Ways to Boost Your Listing’s Appeal”:


Chris and I hope you find this essay helpful. We truly believe that a career in Real Estate is ultimately a career in customer service. We promise we will always be generous with our experience, expertise, and time. If we can be of value to you, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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