Posted by, Janice Stanley on March 27, 2019

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When you are out and about these days, what is a common thread of the conversations you overhear? Maybe it is reticular activation because of my occupation, or, more likely, the popularity of HGTV, but the subject of HOMES seems to be on everyone’s lips everywhere. Just listen the next time you are out to dinner and notice how many times the words “house”,  “real estate”,  “for sale”, and “moving” come up in discussions around you.

Zillow and other web sites have made information about the housing market accessible to all. Keeping tabs on your neighborhood has never been easier. And that’s a good thing. Why? Because when buyers and sellers first contact us, they are better informed and equipped with realistic expectations and all the right questions, which helps us build a foundation for our future relationship as we go through the buying and/or selling process.

That being said, “Zestimates” are only as good as the data that has been input. They are, at best, an educated guess. Trulia even has this to say on their site: “If you’re looking for a precise value for your home, or if you’re selling your home, we recommend you talk to a real estate professional. After all, our algorithms are smart, but we can’t know everything about your home’s features and location. Connect with real estate experts in your area.”

The other caution to keep in mind when surfing the internet is that the real estate professionals whose photos and contact information appear when you do a home search are not necessarily your area experts. They have paid to advertise there by buying up zip codes, often an effective way to make up for lack of knowledge and experience in that market.

Here at The Stanley Team, we encourage you to have fun and search away and when you’re ready to make a move for real, contact us for the real scoop. Full service at no extra cost.

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