Posted by, Janice Stanley on March 19, 2019


I recently read somewhere that a full moon is a good time to release and purge things that no longer serve you. A quick search on Google provided examples of rituals, ceremonies, and even prayers to help with this exercise. Whether you are a big believer in lunar magic or find the idea a little “out there”, there is a full moon coming tomorrow (March 20). I would like to suggest to you that NOW would be a good time to free up some space in your home to create more peace in your life.


Evidence suggests that clutter causes increased stress levels, less focus, higher anxiety, low productivity, and even lack of sleep.  Carolyn Steber, lifestyle writer for Bustle magazine states, “Anyone with an overflowing closet or totally stuffed basement can attest to the stress brought on by piles of junk. That’s because not only is it annoying to look at, but it can dredge up so many different emotions.”


There are many compelling reasons to simplify your life and embrace minimalism. As a Realtor®, I see first hand the effects that the gluttony of stuff has on homeowners and their families. While not quite hoarders, they cling so fiercely to their possessions, some of which they haven’t used in 10 years or more, that they are literally stuck in a house that no longer fits their needs or desired lifestyle. Yes, decluttering is hard. As Nick Darlington writes in his essay 4 Scientific Reasons Decluttering Leads To A Better Life, “Recognizing the fact that it’s time to declutter is easy, but actually getting it done is a whole other feat. It can be an absolute chore.”


I’m fortunate to have moved twice in the last 17 years. The last move was from a single family house of approximately 3000 square feet to a 1700 sq ft townhouse condo and we were forced to get rid of a lot of accumulated possessions. We don’t miss them. To be honest, after 5 years, we could stand to do a little purging ourselves, but when I walk through the door, it feels very peaceful. In fact, I have a little affirmation that I say in the morning: “My home is a clean, warm and happy place that sustains my well-being and is welcoming to family and friends.” I wish that for you, too.


So where do you start? Another Google search rewarded me with a useful collection of helpful articles, so I won’t try to list all the ways here. (See my resource list and/or do your own search) When should you start? The best time is now. Use the high tide of power this full moon provides as a tool to help you let go of what you no longer need and make room in your home and your life for a little magic.





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