Posted by, Janice Stanley on December 3, 2019


Good morning! How did you wake up this morning? With a busy mind, already running through your to-do list for the day? Maybe you’ve been up for hours and checked off a few items already, taking care of everyone but yourself.
At this busy, joyful and often stressful time of year, how might you take just a few minutes to take care of you? You know the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. What is one thing you can do to practice a little self care right now?
This is how I’m starting my morning, with my favorite coffee concoction in my favorite holiday cup, a few Christmas lights in the background.
My morning coffee is my favorite ritual. While it’s brewing, I write “Morning Pages”.* When finished, I froth coconut creamer & cinnamon together and pour it on top. Sometimes I add other spices like nutmeg & cardamom, and a drop or two of vanilla for a really special treat. (Who needs Starbucks?)
Do you have any self-care ideas you can share that might help and inspire others? Please add to the comments below.

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