Posted by, Janice Stanley on July 26, 2019


“The true secret of being ageless is celebrating where you are today while visualizing and planning the next exciting stage of your life.“ – Janice Stanley, Second Spring
Lately I’ve been thinking about the word “celebrate”. It’s not something I have felt like doing for the past 6 weeks. But yesterday, I revisited my philosophy behind “Second Spring “ and realized that “Celebrate” is more of an order than an invitation. Shouldn’t we celebrate all the stages of our lives – not just the big, happy events, but the challenges as well? And how do we do that?  I think it’s by taking time to honor the small victories, to reflect on how far we’ve come and to appreciate the gifts received as a result. To celebrate is taking gratitude to a new level!
Yesterday I was able to put Andie’s leash on and take her for our #morningwalk, by myself! That was a big step forward and something to celebrate. (See photo).
What can you celebrate today? Cheers!

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